Update of the Dogs4Us residents 22/12/2015

All of our pedigree puppies come with temporary vaccines, are chipped and have a 6 month guarantee, currently available we have some beautiful:

Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Sheltland Sheepdogs
Toy Poodles
Basset Hounds
Bichon Frise
Border Collie
Cairn Terrier
Chow Chow (red)
Cocker Spaniel (black)
English Springer Spaniel (b/white)
Jack Russell
Lhasa Apso
Shih Tzu
West Highland Terriers
Yorkshire Terriers

If you would like further informations about any of these breeds or a further update on the availabilty please don't hesitate to give us a ring, as this list will change quickly!
Tel: 0162 736 5010