Dachshund Miniature puppies are expert diggers. This means you need proper defences around your home, or they’ll be off down the road.

They are playful, energetic dogs, who grow on average from 5″ to 6″ (13 to 15cm) tall and a weight between 9 and 11 pounds (4 to 5kg). They come in various colours: red, black and tan; chocolate and tan; cream dapple; and brindle and in three types of coat, requiring different grooming: smooth haired, long haired and wire haired.

Smooth hairs are the easiest to look after, as they only need to be groomed once a week to remove any dead hair. Long haired and wire haired. Dachshund puppies need grooming two to three times a week to prevent any mats or tangles. Despite being initially bred for hunting, Dachshund Miniature puppies adapt to most living conditions, including apartments. However, they will need daily exercise and time off the lead to run around and chase things.

Training Dachshund Miniature puppies can be tricky. They can be stubborn, willful dogs, suspicious of strangers and other dogs. But if provided with firm, consistent and kind training from an early age, Dachshund Miniature puppies make excellent companions for families, single owners and the elderly.

All Dogs4Us Dachshund Miniature puppies come with a six month guarantee and are temporary vaccinated, wormed and microchipped for identification.  Please call us prior to visiting should you be interested in buying a Dachshund puppy, so we can check availability.

To find out more about Dogs4Us Dachschunds and to check availability contact us at Dogs4Us.