Possessing more wrinkles than the world’s oldest person, the Shar pei breed is easily recognisable. Curiously, in an age-reversing process, Shar Pei puppies have more wrinkles than their adult version, with the dogs ‘growing’ into their faces as they get older.

What is less easily recognisable about Shar Pei puppies, is that they make excellent pets. This is largely down to temperament; Shar Pei puppies being good natured and highly affectionate animals, making them ideal for families.

Their crumpled appearance may imply heavy-duty maintenance but they are actually easy to keep, requiring grooming once a week. The hippo-like muzzle of Shar Pei puppies leads to a high ‘cute quotient’ and they are further distinguished by small, triangular-shaped ears, and a high-cast, curled tail.

They will grow on average to 18”-20” (46-51cm) tall and 40-55 pounds (18-25 kg) in weight. They come in varying colours: black, red, fawn, chocolate, blue, and apricot.

Shar Pei puppies are adaptable to most environments, including apartments but will require some level of daily exercising.  These dogs are characterised by their intelligence, loyalty to their owners and suspicion on occasions to strangers, which is no bad thing when you want your dog to be a loving pet, and protect your home. Responsible training by owners will ensure any aggressive instincts are well and truly ironed out, leaving you with a devoted Shar Pei for life.

All Dogs4Us Shar Pei puppies come with a 6 month guarantee and are temporary vaccinated, wormed and microchipped for identification.  Please call us prior to visiting should you be interested in buying a Shar Pei, so we can check availability.

To find out more about Shar Pei and to check availability contact us at Dogs4Us.