Despite being a working dog by nature, Bearded Collie puppies make excellent family pets but come with a couple of provisos. And these revolve around grooming and exercise.

Bearded Collie puppies are the ultimate shaggy dogs, being highly distinctive with their long coats and overlapping fringe. So naturally, Bearded Collie puppies require regular daily grooming to keep them looking their best. Their coats are extremely thick and can become problematic with matting and tangling particularly common around their ears, underarms, bib, neck and hindquarters

Bearded Collie puppies have high-energy levels so, while they are adaptable to apartment life, would prefer to be in a house with good sized-garden. If you are thinking of buying a Bearded Collie puppy, you need to be committed to daily exercise of the dog, and taking it for decent length walks. That’s why they are best suited to active families – or an active single owner.

Bearded Collie puppies will grow on average to 20″ to 22″ (51-56cm) and weigh between 40 to 60 pounds (18 to 27kg). They come in a variety of colours, including slate grey, reddish-fawn, black, blue and sandy all with or without white markings.

Bearded Collie puppies are popular pets due to their sociable, loving nature and thrive on being the centre of attention.

All Dogs4Us Bearded Collie puppies come with a 6 month guarantee and are temporary vaccinated, wormed and microchipped for identification.  Please call us prior to visiting should you be interested in buying a Collie, so we can check availability.

To find out more about Dogs4Us Collies and to check availability contact us at Dogs4Us.